Kamis, 20 Desember 2018

About Magical Country v0.3b

Okay this time I want to discuss a little about the next version of the Magical Country game.
On the day after Ricky entered the apartment, he accidentally met a mysterious girl dressed in white. If we look carefully, the girl suddenly arrives at Ricky's apartment without their knowledge. Is this girl a ghost?

What's new in version 0.3b :
+ New character update
+ New story update
+ Update point system
+ Update "Game Mode" (On the options)
+ Added 150+ image scenes
+ Added new scene animations
+ Added Gallery
+ Added Extra Contents

  •  1. Added side story (secret contents)
  •  2. Added Scrapbook
  •  3. Magical Maps (Feel free to Magical City experience) * Remember, this game is still beta
  •  4. Added minigames (On computer)

I hope you like the game update in this latest version. Thank you ~


Magical Country v0.1 (Update fix for Android)

Indonesian :
Jadi ini adalah versi perbaikan dari game pertama yang saya luncurkan pada perangkat Android. Masih dalam versi yang sama dan tidak ada perubahan. Isu terhadap scene dalam game dan bug "force close" telah diperbaiki sangat rapi sehingga dapat dimainkan pada semua perangkat Android. Silahkan menikmati....

English :
So this is an improved version of the first game that I launched on an Android device. Still in the same version and no changes. The issue of the scene in the game and the "force close" bug has been fixed very neatly so that it can be played on all Android devices. Please enjoy....



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Selasa, 30 Oktober 2018

Magical Country v0.1

Type : Visual Novel 
Version : 0.1
Language : Indonesian, English(Not Available)
Genre : 3D, action, supranatural, hardcore, bigboobs and so much more adult content
Censorship : No
Platform : Windows & Android 4.0 up

Sinopsis : Diusia 19 tahun, pemuda mahasiswa bernama Ricky Pradana memulai hidup barunya dikota Magical. Seperti manusia biasanya, Ricky mencintai gadis bernama Vivi namun suatu saat semua berubah ketika Ricky menyadari ia punya mempunyai kekuatan magis yang tersembunyi dalam tubuhnya.

GAMEPLAY epik! Menggunakan sistem pilihan yang sangat interaktif!
1. Heroic way - Pilihan untuk menambahkan poin sebagai "Pahlawan" pada chara utama anda.
2. Man way - Pilihan untuk menambahkan poin sebagai "Lelaki" pada chara utama anda.
3. Freak way - Pilihan untuk menambahkan poin sebagai "Aneh" pada chara utama anda.
4. Nerd way - Pilihan untuk menambahkan poin sebagai "Culun" pada chara utama anda.

Screenshoot :

The first thing I want to say is that I am very grateful to all of you who want to take the time to play my game. And today I officially release my own game globally. This Magical Country game is a visual novel game that has adult content, so please understand that this game is only for legal ages.
Current version release details:
  • Chapter 1 "Trouble" 
  • Different characters 
  • Fight scenes 
  • Sexual scenes 
  • Normal choice of different paths 
  • Still in the form of Indonesian(language)
I made this game only for the Windows version, not for Android. So if there are errors, issues or bugs ... That's because the game for the Android platform is less stable because I'm not good at porting to Android. And if you find these problems, chat directly to me personally. Maybe I can fix it. Sorry for my bad english.

Download for Windows: MEGA
Download for Android: MEGA

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